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  • the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday
    the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday
    • 2018-06-13

    the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday from Jun 16th to 18th

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  • 2018 Aibort physical examination
    2018 Aibort physical examination
    • 2018-04-23

    2018-4-21  Aibort Team attend physical examination. Health is the most important things to all of us. Love ourselves!

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  • 2018 Aibort Team Building
    2018 Aibort Team Building
    • 2018-04-02

    2018-3-17/18 Aibort Team Building. The power circle: All hands joined together to form a circle, loosening the hands, holding a part of the rope round each other, merging the feet together, landing on the heels, and all the people back at the same time, so that some of the heaviest people could walk...

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